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There are three ways to book an appointment:

1) Call 01636 706892  or 07751704741 or leave your contact telephone number on voice mail.

2) Fill in the contact form below and I will call and email you.

3) Just pop in my clinic to have a chat with me.

Alternatively leave me a message if you have any inquiry before booking an appointment.

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  1. Enrique Minter

    I really like acupunture because it is safe and effective and apparently it has no side effects. ,

    Remember to inspect our favorite web portal

  2. admin

    Thank you very much for your comments. I couldn’t agree more with what you said. Follow me on Facebook if you like.
    It’s a great thing to share what you think, it will help other people to get some confidence about acupuncture.

  3. Jonathan sumner

    Hi I have appointment on Thursday at half 5 I need to cancel it as I can’t get off work. I will ring next week to rearrange sorry for the inconvenience.

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