Acupuncture and back pain

An estimated 80% of the world’s populace suffers from mild to moderate back pain irrespective of their age and sex. In fact, back pain happens to be one of the commonest reasons that take people to the doctor very often, and lower back pain is increasingly common these days.

While the episodes of lower back pain usually last for a period of 2 weeks, research has revealed that it might reoccur at an alarming rate and can become a regular problem during the initial days. It is difficult to find a definite treatment for back pain, as pain relievers often fail to produce long-term results. However, traditional Chinese medicine seems to be extremely effective in relieving back pain with some of the best techniques to be used for treatment.

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is quite different from the conventional Western medicine, there are certain patterns of back pain that includes Deficiency type pain, Blood stagnation and Qi and Pain due to Cold Damp Obstruction. Irrespective of the pattern, the treatment for back pain in Chinese medicine is done through acupuncture.

Pain caused by deficiencies in the body is usually chronic and dull. It improves as a person rests and relaxes for a considerable period of time. Such pain is caused due to certain internal blockage that needs to be released in order to relive pain.

Pain caused  stagnation is severe in nature and extremely stabbing as well. It is characterized by stiffness and muscle tension that worsens over time.

Similarly, pain caused by cold or damp weather is characterized by swelling, numbness and heaviness.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, and particularly acupuncture works towards resting the harmony and the overall energetic balance of the body, which in turn stimulates the body’s natural healing capacity. Acupuncture is one such treatment that brings relief quite fast.

Acupuncture follows just one belief – life energy or “qi” flows through our body along the pathways or meridians. There are different meridians corresponding to different parts of the body. If there is any obstruction in the flow of qi or energy, it results in health complications. Acupuncture helps in restoring this flow of energy to give you a healthy life.

When performed by expert practitioners, acupuncture can be an effective therapy for any type of back pain; research has revealed that acupuncture is extremely helpful in reducing any type of back pain and in improving the daily functions as well.

The method involves insertion of fine needles of different depths right into the strategic points on the body. This helps in balancing the flow of qi or energy through the meridians.

Although researchers have not been able to understand how acupuncture actually affects the pain and how it relieves pain eventually, but several studies have pointed out the procedure actually works in relieving pain. Although the procedure in itself is very painful, the results are extremely effective and safe as well.

However, acupuncture is not a surefire cure for everyone. There are people who simply do not respond to the treatment and there is no improvement seen even after months of acupuncture. But if it starts working for someone, results will manifest within a week or so.

Acupuncture needs to be performed by an expert practitioner or acupuncturist. It is not a layman’s job, as the process is complicated and demands precision.


  1. Laura

    I have only heard good things about acupuncture and would like to give it a try if it is something that might help this relentless pain I suffer with. I am a runner and when training for marathons I find that I have this dull ache in my right glute, hip and hamstring area. Just recently I have also been having the sharp pain often related to sciatica. I have tried physiotherapy, I have had MRI, I have had steroid injection and nothing seems to help.
    Do you think acupuncture is the right avenue for me? I have a marathon in 4 weeks, should I try acupuncture before the event or after?

  2. admin

    Hello, thank you very much for your enquiry, I am really appreciated it.
    In your case, I am quite confident that acupuncture will help with the pain relief. I have 14 years of experience in acupuncture, the most condition I have dealt with is pain problem, quite often it works very well.
    If you would like to give a try, I think the sooner, the better. We could arrange a few treatments before the marathon, so you could have some relief by then.

    Best wishes,

    Jingyu the practitioner

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