Acupuncture proven to treat tension-type headaches and migraine

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New recommendation from NICE: Acupuncture proven to treat tension-type headaches and migraine


Information released by NICE (National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence) today reported medication overuse is one of the most common causes of headaches affecting about one in 50 people. Women are five times more likely to suffer from these.

NICE conclude that acupuncture is the only proven method to prevent tension-type headaches and migraine and that doctors should prescribe it.

View the report on the NICE website here

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  1. jonathon ellwood

    hi jingya,
    I am a client of yours but dont visit often, i have found that i have trigeminal neuralgia and am feeling some serious pain due to the cold weather, and i wondered ; is there anything that you can do for me?
    if this is somthing you can help me with can you please reply, thanks,

  2. scott

    hi im suffering with elbow pain. it really hurts when straightened. i play alot of sports and waas told by a team member they had the same thing and since acupuncture it hasnt come back. is this something you can help with?

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